Another short story published in Iceland

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I published a short story called Fórnin (The Sacrifice) in Stína Tímarit last April. I now published 11 short stories in Iceland which is great and I’m so proud of it :). I am still sending stuff out to English markets but nothing, yet. I feel that trying the English markets is a great challenge. I learning so much, not only about the language but also about short stories and story structure in general. Absolutely love it. If you are thinking about doing the same and write SFF then I recommend you check out Clarkesworld. It is not the only short story market, there are many wonderful publications and you need to look at them all to find which one you love the most. But Clarkesworld is the most accessible with an app, a website, a podcast and a YouTube channel – so you are likely to find some platform that suits you 🙂

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