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Merry Christmas

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So I try to blog a little more and then do nothing for two weeks. Just goes to show that routine is a good way to get things done 🙂

Anyway, I went to Iceland in early December with Guðrún (ð is read like the “th” in “the”). It was great. Met lots of friends and family. We were super busy on account of meeting all of those friends and family. So we arrived back in Copenhagen super tired. But it was a nice trip and great to meet everyone before the holidays.

I was hoping for a quiet time until Christmas but unfortunately, that was not the case. We are moving to a bigger apartment on the 27th so we have been packing and going to IKEA (I sometimes feel like that store feeds on the energy of its customers). So everything should be ready for the big move and we are super excited.

Meanwhile, I’ve been writing a bunch for Ideanote which is great. I formed a writing group with friends so I hope to get more things done in 2018. I am juggling which book project I should continue with, A – the one I’ve been spending years on and is the better bet or B – the one I should not be doing because it is half finished but its fun. You can guess which one is getting more of my attention. Both of these are in Icelandic mind you. I have also been working on some projects that are connected to IceCon. I feel like things are going great. We have such a wonderful team and they are doing great things. I can’t wait for next years con 🙂

I’ve also been reading a bunch, listening to lots of music and watching a few movies but I feel each of those deserve a special post. Perhaps I’ll do a best of 2017. I won’t do one for computer games because I only played Candy Crush, Baldur’s Gate and 2046 this year. So I’m not the biggest gamer in the world haha.

Anyway, I just have one gift left to buy and then its just Christmas, yay! Have great holiday everyone 🙂

Trying to blog a little more

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In the past, I blogged in Icelandic which was great but I think that I had too much ambition and made the whole thing more of a hassle than it was necessary. So, I´ve started again and I’m just trying to do more. That sometimes means some very short blogs but I’ll also do some longer posts and everything in between. I just want to keep the website active and it is a great way to get your random thoughts and work out there. Some of my blogs might also be in Icelandic but if you are interested I’ll translate them. So hope you like the site and please comment if you have any questions or comments.

Writing for Ideanote

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I just started writing articles for Ideanote. You can read my first article here 🙂

New interview with Charlie Jane Anders

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Did this very nice interview with Charlie Jane Anders that was published on the website NineteenQuestions – check it out if you have the time 🙂

Another short story published in Iceland

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I published a short story called Fórnin (The Sacrifice) in Stína Tímarit last April. I now published 11 short stories in Iceland which is great and I’m so proud of it :). I am still sending stuff out to English markets but nothing, yet. I feel that trying the English markets is a great challenge. I learning so much, not only about the language but also about short stories and story structure in general. Absolutely love it. If you are thinking about doing the same and write SFF then I recommend you check out Clarkesworld. It is not the only short story market, there are many wonderful publications and you need to look at them all to find which one you love the most. But Clarkesworld is the most accessible with an app, a website, a podcast and a YouTube channel – so you are likely to find some platform that suits you 🙂

Living in Copenhagen now

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After living in Vancouver last winter [great city by the way :)] and studying creative writing at UBC, I am now living in Copenhagen. It is nice to back in Denmark, I got my master’s in applied mathematics here in 2006. Although the city has changed a lot since 2006. I feel it is much more welcoming and international but maybe I’m just older. Right now I’m trying to build a career here but the plan is to write on the side. I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll get a book published next year but nothing is certain. So, look forward to sharing new in the next year.

An interview I did with Kij Johnson, Elisabeth Bear & Karin Tidbeck

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You can check out this nice interview I did with Kij Johnson, Elisabeth Bear & Karin Tidbeck on the subject of short stories. It’s up on The Booksmugglers. I think that it turned out great and all of the authors had some great points so check it out if you have the chance.